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h 19:30 21.00 Rhythmic tuning, exercises to connect to the beat and become used to finding the ‘1’  by Gudrun Herold (online+in presence)  
€ 40,00

Do you struggle to find orientation in music? In this workshop we will explore different approaches and exercises to help you find the “1”, using techniques like Rhythmic Tuning and Body Percussion as playful, yet effective tools. We will build from simple rhythms and percussive music (for example drum solos) to more complex pieces, so that you will (hopefully) leave this class feeling less overwhelmed, knowing where to start when you get lost.





WS 2
 h 11.00 – 13.00 Different bodies same shapes w/ Calaneya Company – (online+in presence)   OPEN Level
€ 50,00

Dani and Elena are often asked how they manage to be so in sync with each other while having two completely different body types.
In this workshop, they will share their techniques and strategies on how to achieve this almost symbiotic connection in FCBD(R)Style improv.
Using a mixture of dance theater exercises to sharpen your vision for shapes and connecting elements in general as well as effective technique drills to improve the exactness of your FCBD(R) steps, Dani and Elena will help you get one step closer to the perfect harmony and connection with your dance partners.


h 13.30 – 14.30 Practice Session w/Patrizia Pin  (in presence)

The class is free for those enrolled in at least one WS


WS 3
h 15.00 – 18.00 Performing with a Sword PERFORMANCE PROJECT w/ Isabel De Lorenzo  (in presence) Level intermediate/up
€ 70,00

The sword is an ancient and powerful complement for bellydance. In this workshop we will add it to our FCBD®Style repertoire, practicing some positions, transitions, movements and balancing.
Slow repertoire including floorwork basics and eventually balancing on fast moves. Intermediate/up level. Students must bring their own sword, and also a head wrap or a scarf.
The participants of this workshop are welcome to perform at the hafla. In this case we will communicate beforehand in order to create a group costume (including a turban).





h 10.30 – 12.30 The glue that holds it all together: A Deep Dive into all the Structural, Essential Concepts and Principles of FCBD®Style.  w/ Alina Paredes (online+in presence)  OPEN level
€ 50,00

It is a profound exploration of some of the core principles of our style that can change your dance, your teaching and overall perspective of the Style.

h 13.00 – 14.00 Practice Session w/Francesca Pedretti (in presence)

The class is free for those enrolled in at least one WS


WS 5
h 14.30 – 17.30 Complex Steps by Devi Mamak  w/Gudrun Herold (online+in presenza) Livello avanzato
€ 60,00

Devi Mamk has created some amazing, beautiful steps that can be used in connection with our FCBD Style vocabulary. Her steps, however, are very detailed and complex. In this workshop I will share with you some of Devi’s more recent steps, both slow and fast, give you a detailed breakdown and suggestions on how to learn and practice them. We will then find ways to not feel overwhelmed when we build them into our dance – both you and the audience – finding balance, tension and release in your movements, and your mind-body-connection.