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h 18.30 20.00 So what’s changed?   by Kelley Beeston

During the time you have been learning ATS® / FCBD® style you may sometimes have thought that something has changed or possibly you have even been told that something has evolved or been updated. Does this sound familiar?
You will be asked to submit, in advance, a short dance biography, as it relates to our dance style, together with any steps you believe have changed and how they have changed.

Using this information as a background for this lecture Kelley will take you on a journey through our dance to discover why some things evolved or fell by the wayside and why we might think other things have changed when in reality they have not.




h 11.00 – 13.00 Transformations and Updates w/Isabel De Lorenzo

Did the transformations that the world has undergone in recent years reflect in our way of dancing? Surely. In this two-hour workshop we will focus on how our way of dancing has changed, for better or for worse, and then try to recover a more authentic, more cheerful and relaxed attitude, closer to the sense of community which is the basis of our dance format. Starting from some concepts of FCBD®️Style, such as the flock of birds and the eye contact, we will go deeply into group work/formations, especially the circle. Slow and fast repertoire. Open level. Please bring your zills.


h 13.30 14.30 Free Practice Session w/Francesca Pedretti

Following the line drawn in the previous lesson, we will continue with a practice session focused more on the DUET training, that allows us to deepen and test this privileged formation together.

The class is free for those enrolled in at least one WS



h 15.00 18.00 The body & soul in FCBD Style w/ Eleen Kimh

It is All about working with body, soul & space to connect and communicate with our-self first and with others.
We will use some simple movements to hone in on the minutest details to explore the different ways to dance out and create your own mystique.
And we will focus on the dynamic transitions, building a complex combo bringing refinement with different energy, and telling the story with dancing



20.30 – 22.00 200% Hafla!



h 11.00 – 13.00 Tips from mama C.  w/ Giulietta Muse e ATS MOOD Milano

In this workshop we will do a review of two vocabulary movements working on texture and attitude to make our performances more and more engaging, accompanied by some suggestions that mama Caroleena gave us at the latest English T4T.

h 13.30 14.30 Free Practice Session w/Patrizia Pin

The class is free for those enrolled in at least one WS

h 15.00 17.00 Real Improvisation Practice w/Isabel De Lorenzo

After drilling some spicy fast and slow moves from FCBD®️ Style vocabulary, we will quickly review formations (duet, trio, quartet and chorus). Different groups will work with different moves, then we will practice how to get in and out of the chorus, and finally we will create a big group improvisation with the flavor of a real performance or  hafla. All levels are welcome. Bring your zills.