Maria Fomina – Maria Fomina is the professional tribal belly dancer and instructor in Ukraine and internationally, one of the pioneers of tribal style in Ukraine started its career in 2006 , director of Mina Fo Tribal Company (Kiev), Fat Chance Bellydance® Sister Studio, specialized on ATS®, tribal fusion, yoga for bellydancers. In April 2013 in Michigan (USA) she passed General Skills, Teacher Training and Business of ATS® with guru Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin, was certified and the next month was lucky to visit the Fat Chance Bellydance® studio during Tribal Festival in California, Sebastopol where she was honoured to perform and represent her country first at this stage! Years before and with FCBD® sister studio status Maria and her troupe are bringing and rising pure ATS® format in her country and abroad. Maria Fomina was awarded twice at Tribal AWARDS 2012 and 2013 for the development of tribal style in Ukraine and she is the creator and ruler of the biggest annual international TRIBAL WEEKEND festival that started in 2009 in Ukraine, Kiev.

Isabel De Lorenzo – Isabel De Lorenzo – ATS® Teacher e FCBD® Sister Studio® Brazilian born dancer based in Rome since 1998, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Literature (University of São Paulo, 1993). Co-founder of the prestigious San Lo’ dance studio in Rome; organizer of the Roma Tribal Meeting (; director of the American Tribal Style® Belly Dance troupe Carovana Tribale, Sister Studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance® ; member of the ATS Sisters Collective . Teacher and performer in numerous dance festivals and events in Italy and abroad. Collaborator with many theatre and dance companies with “Frida Suite” being her most recent stage production

Fi-Fi le TiPaon – Her fascination for cultures crossbreeding led her to fall in love with ATS® and Tribal Fusion when Fi-Fi started her journey in the world of dance.
In the heart of the tribal invasion since 2005, as a student, a dancer, a teacher, Fi-Fi is a privileged witness and actress of the advent and the development of these art forms in France.
Sister Studio® since 2012, based in Paris, and member of the UNESCO International Dance Council, Fi-Fi is the founder of the association Le Petit Paon, and its ATS®
and Tribal Fusion troup, Heiwa Tribe, which both work for the promotion of ATS® and Tribal Fusion through regular courses, workshops, fundraising haflas and dance performances in France.

She likes to gather the tribal community : She was at the origin of the ephemeral French Sister Studio troup named Tribal French Connexion. Now she is on a new collaboration, Oya Project. She is also the organizer of ATS® ForEver and Tribal Fusion ForEver festivals in Paris.
Furiously passionate, Fi-Fi regularly refines her knowledge to give her students a complete background on ATS® and Tribal Fusion. She just completed the 8 ElementsTM training with Rachel Brice this summer.
Almost 10 years dedicated to ATS®, Fi-Fi is getting famous for her innovative ideaswith her Heiwa dialect for props and ATS®2.0 visions.


ATS® MOOD Milano – American Tribal Style® Company
ATS® MOOD Milano is an ATS® company born in July 2014 in Milan and directed by Francesca Pedretti. Ines Re, Giulietta Muse, Francesca Pedretti and Eleonora Libanore, (FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio), Sara Caratella, Alessandra Brigandì and Agostina Massazza are the company members . They are active as teachers in Milan and neighboring areas, in Genoa and in Modena.


Yuri Ferretti – FCBD®️ Brother Studio and SSCE programme participant.
Trained in oriental dance and Tribal Fusion, Yuri Ferretti fell in love with American Tribal Style®️, in which he can make room for his love for technique and small details. Based in Berlin since 2012, he’s the founder and creator of the ATS®️ Friday Challenge, together with Anna Nordling (Sweden) and Kelley Beeston (United Kingdom)

Nishka Shuvani – FCBD Sister Studio®, dancer and certified yoga teacher.
Born in Mexico, Nishka began her first yoga classes in the Kundalini style in Mexico City. She has obtained international certification as a teacher of Hatha and Iyengar yoga.
She is currently teaching yoga in Naples since 2015 and continues to study and practice the principles of yoga.
She approached the dance in Mexico City, under the guidance of Lorena Rojas and Antonio Gonzalez both FCBD® SS certified.
She studied tribal fusion and ATS® with several great masters; in 2017 she obtained the certificate of General Skills and Teacher Training by FCBD® to become a certified teacher and the first FCBD Sister Studio® of Naples.


Patrizia Pin – Patrizia Pin is a professional Tribal Fusion dancer and instructor from the Italian North East, currently working in European festivals and holding regular trainings and performances in her area and abroad.

Her strong ballet and modern dance background leads her in the development of her own style featured by the pursuit of unconvetional moves that still got harmony and elegance as well as a strong stage presence.Some of the most important moments in her dancing life are the win as Best Performance at Silk Road Project Festival in Venice(IT), the european tour with the Manca Pavli ́s Amaya Dance Company , international bellydance company based in Ljubljana(SLO) for “Bellydance Infusion Project”show, the 2015 Usa tour to New York City and San Francisco with her collegues Violet Scrap and Alice Giampieri being honoured to perform at Tribal Fest 2015 in Sebastopol, CA. She’s also co- producer, with the musician Simone D ́ Eusanio, of the” Tribal Nova” project: Tribal Fusion Bellydance and original live music(
She perfomed in the italian popstar Elisa’s video for “L ́Anima Vola tour 2014″.

Patrizia is part of the Tribal & Bellydance Academy “La Divina Commedia”: a dance project created by Francesca Pedretti wich blends tribal and theatrical bellydance, featured by some of the most talented tribal artists in Europe and over(
Patrizia holds regular weekly Tribal Fusion, ATS® and also Oriental Dance classes in her area. In addiction of being a bellydancer she is also a Pilates instructor and ballet elementary classes assistant.


Francesca Pedretti  ATS® Teacher e FCBD® Sister Studio® ,Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Bellydance, Tribal Bellydance Emozionale®, Pilates Mat Work Instructor

I met Oriental Dance in ’96 in Milan. I actively contributed to the spread in my country of new kinds of Bellydance arrived from the United States: ATS® and Tribal fusion bellydance. I’m Co-founded of the Company Les Soeurs Tribales, pioneers of these new styles in Italy for which I was the artistic director until 2009. Continually update myself studying with Isabel De Lorenzo, the first ATS® teacher in Italy. My latest project Tribal & Bellydance Academy – LA DIVINA COMMEDIA PROJECT® get great consensus and success in Europe and USA; until now,  16 th edition has been done.
In 2014 I created  ATS® MOOD Milano – ATS® company, in June 2017 I attended to the ‘Performance Intensive with ATS® Sisters Collective’, at Roma Tribal Meeting. In 2017 I’m certified ATS® FatChanceBellyDance® teacher, with Carolena Nericcio Bohlman and Megha Gavin.
I continue my education studying ATS® with Isabel De Lorenzo, Danila Massara dance theater, Stanislavskij theater method with Marianna Esposito and Danza Odissi with Leli Neeraja.